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Inpatient EEG

It may take more than a clinic visit to properly diagnose your patient’s epilepsy. Staying in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) gives us the time to diagnose why your patient is having seizures, what type of seizure, and find the exact location and cause of seizures.


In some cases, a longer EEG recording with times that your patient is both awake and asleep may be needed.  Outpatient EEG monitoring is generally done at a specialized epilepsy center or at the patient’s home while they perform day-to-day activities. 

Outpatient Long-term EEG

With Long Term EEGs done in the home, capturing the effects of the patient’s naturally triggered environment is possible. 

Explore Innovative EEG Monitoring Solutions

Neurovation provides hospitals & private facilities access to quality neurodiagnostic tools for recording and monitoring patient’s EEG studies

Fast, Reliable And Cost-Effective EEG Solutions

EEG solutions from Neurovation provide your teams access to the best possible diagnostic tools for recording, monitoring and reviewing patients’ EEG studies.

Reliable Technology

Complete innovative technology for outpatient and inpatient EEG

Flexible Workflow

Quality assurance is the priority when forming or adopting policies, all of which are compliant with local regulations.

Certified Interpretation

Screening and pruning done by registered EEG technologists and Interpretation done by local or international epileptologists.

Technical and Clinical Support

Hybrid teams of work to set up and and disconnect patients, with on-call 24/7 technical support guaranteed within 2 hours. 

Service Reimbursement Planning

Billing Departments Support and Reimbursement Strategy Planning

What are the different types of EEG?

Routine EEG

Recording lasts 20 to 40 minutes. Usually, hyperventilation and photic stimulation are performed. Testing usually performed in an outpatient EEG laboratory, outpatient clinic, or in an inpatient setting.

Inpatient Video-EEG

Prolonged recording over a period of several days, usually in a dedicated Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, with video recording.

Ambulatory EEG

With or without video: prolonged recording over a period of several days, usually performed in the patient’s home.

With 15 years of healthcare experience and protocol development, we conduct contineous workflow quality control to preserve the integrity of the study.

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