Tele EEG

Patient Pathway

Candidate Patient Identified

  • Patient referred Neurology Clinic
  • Uncontrolled seizures
  • Further investigations required 

Insurance Approval

Once approved, hospital team will notify Neurovation to start the process

Initial Set up

  • Electrodes set up can performed in Home or Hospital
  • Device and camera set up will be done at home 
  • Special accessories used to ensure stability of electrodes during the whole study
  • Disposable electrodes are used to ensure maximum patient safety

Follow up & support

  • Vary from one patient and the other
  • Duration: 1-7 days 
  • Service intervention: required in two cases:
    • Electrode misplaced
    • Battery change and bath needs after 3 days of study


  • Monitoring is done to ensure data integrity 
  • Starts with the set up of electrodes
  • Check up is done on periodic basis to ensure all electrodes are in place

Screening & Interpretation

  • Screening: Once the study is completed, the raw data will be sent to screening and pruning team to identify each event 
  • Interpretation: Both the raw data and the screened data will be shared by the  hospital epileptologist or our external consultant to prepare the final report