We deliver world-class diagnostic solutions for neurological disorders at any place and time!

Neurovation provides physicians the ability to capture EEG anywhere and deliver rapid diagnosis

Neurovation is a joint venture led by regional experts with more than 15 years of healthcare experience in the Middle East, and two leading neurodiagnostic companies based in the US. Together, we deliver state-of-the-art innovative solutions to make care more accessible, with a mission to support the lives of millions of patients suffering from neurological disorders.

Neurovation Ensures Maximum Comfort, Flexibility & Safety


Our EEG devices have a 20+ year history of reliability and excellence, and the company that provides it, is the U.S. market leader in EEG home monitoring devices. It is estimated more than half of all in-home EEG studies in the U.S. are conducted with their equipment.

Neurovative Diagnostics, a U.S.-based provider of in-home EEG services, including remote monitoring and physician evaluation of EEG studies, has created more than 400 protocols to expertly manage in-home EEG monitoring.

We partner with regional and international epilepsy experts who guarantee delivering timely, reliable, comprehensive reports.


What’s better than having diagnostic solutions delivered to your patients’ doorstep, instead of the inconvenience of traveling to the hospital with your family for a few days?

Neurovation offers in-home monitoring solutions using sophisticated hospital-grade equipment that guarantees high-quality results in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your home, avoiding an unnecessary hospital stay. Our highly skilled medical technologists will travel to your home, bringing exceptional medical devices and expertise in applying electrodes for a comfortable, high-quality EEG study.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and privacy are among the main concerns addressed by patients while considering their diagnosis and treatment. These are among the main factors that differentiate our services from the in-hospital clinic services.

Our services ensure the patient’s safety at home while implementing the highest hygiene standards. This helps in avoiding unnecessary visits to the hospitals, and thus less exposure to infections.

Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed at home, with our home-based solutions as the best alternative to avoid busy hospital and clinic waiting areas.

Cost Effectiveness

Providing exceptional care, in a cost-effective manner, helps patients and providers alike. Neurovation provides the same high-quality neurodiagnostic services provided in a tertiary care center right in a patient’s home.

This saves critical care beds inside hospitals for those that truly need it, as well as the cost associated with that level of care. Plus, patients do not incur cost for travel or time away from family or work.

Operating in Leading Hospitals

Boston Children's Hospital



Common Spirit Health

Vanderbilt University

King's College Hospital

Our Promise

To provide the latest technologies to diagnose neurological conditions.

Stay home, stay safe!

With Neurovation, time and place are no longer a problem. You can benefit from our solutions anywhere, anytime.