Outpatient Long-term EEG

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Home EEG

While epilepsy monitoring units (EMUs) are the standard for the evaluation of epilepsy worldwide, they can mean high costs and long waiting times. Home EEG, involing varying degrees of professional supervision, serves patients at home and can be used as a faster and cost-efficient solution.

Benefits of Home EEG

With Long Term EEGs done in the home, capturing the effects of the patient’s naturally triggered environment is possible. Various aspects of the environment, such as physical activity, stress, and heat often provoke seizures and spells. Natural sleep may provoke abnormalities that may help make a diagnosis. Recording EEG during the entire natural environmental circadian cycle is useful in capturing spells that occur only at certain times of the day.

Diagnostic Time Decreases. Diagnosis rate is higher.

Natural triggers often cannot be replicated when the patient is hospitalized.

The convenience of in-home long-term EEG is very attractive. It’s outpatient nature circumvents the need for hospitalization.

Convenience for Patient and Caregiver

Family and caregivers do not need to take time away from their schedules to be with the patient in the hospital. 

In many cases, hospitals that have EMUs are scheduled out many months which delay the diagnosis and treatment.

Patients in remote areas have no access to EMUs (Epilepsy Monitoring Units) or would need to drive long distances which can stress the family.

Other Conditions

Though they are most often used for epilepsy monitoring, Long-Term EEGs can also be used to diagnose and track a multitude of various conditions.

Seizures and 'spells'

Cerebrovascular Disease

Movement Disorders

Psychiatric Conditions

Sleep Disorders

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