In-Patient Long-Term EEG

Neurovation provides hospitals & ICUs access to quality neurodiagnostic tools for recording and monitoring patient’s EEG studies


Neurovation Provides Accessibility to Hospitals

Neurovation makes it possible to monitor an Inpatient Intermittent Video EEG (cVEEG) virtually from any unit of any hospital or long term facility anywhere in the country. We can provide our monitoring services for patients all over the hospital, including Epilepsy Monitoring Units (EMUs), critical care units, and floor settings.

Our services will effectively supplement your patient needs and those of your community. Neurovation can benefit an existing EEG monitoring program by providing gap coverage, or providing an intermittent monitoring service platform. Our ability to combine these aspects is instrumental in the diagnosing process.


What is Intermittent Monitoring?

Our Registered EEG Technologists perform and document real-time reviews of data at least every 2 hours during the entire recording period to ensure integrity and quality of the recording, identify the need for maintenance, and, when necessary, notify the physician of clinical concerns. All these aspects used together are instrumental in the diagnosing process.

Intermittent Monitoring Services

In addition to providing intermittent services to all internally referred patients, we are also able to provide Intermittent Monitoring as a service to other service providers. 

Neurovation’s EEG Monitoring provides benefits to hospital administrations and providers

Administration Benefits

Gap coverage and coverage for patient ratio overflow

Increased patient access to EEG diagnostics, facility-wide

Reduce training cost of additional staff

Decreased diagnostics times, leading to earlier discharges

Indirect cost savings to be able to quickly diagnose and discharge

Increased flexibility with patient admittance volumes

Variable staffing cost – no need for full time staff when patient volume is low

Reduce need for management over additional staff

Quality of staffing is never compromised due to geographic location of qualified employees

Access to a large pool of qualified staff by supplying a staff of Registered and/or CLTM certified technologists

Provider Benefits

The ability to monitor your patients alongside us from any device

Increased flexibility with patient admittance volumes

Additional triage tool for a broader diagnostic scope

Access to a large pool of qualified staff by supplying a staff of Registered and/or CLTM certified technologists

Impacting patient outcomes through early intervention and being able to monitor more patients at once with volume coverage; this also reduces waitlist


Flexible EEG Solutions

Neurovation Solutions provides a means of constantly assessing and monitoring brain function in all patients including the critically ill, obtunded, and comatose patients in any setting.  Recent advances in digital EEG acquisition, storage, quantitative analysis, and transmission have made real-time cVEEG monitoring technically feasible and extremely useful.

Clinical examples of cVEEG use

  • Diagnosing pseudo seizures, and altered mental status in long term facilities
  • Monitoring for cerebral ischemia post subarachnoid hemorrhages, brain injuries, stroke, and status post craniotomies in critical and non-critical settings
  • Assessment of ongoing therapy for treatment of seizures in critically ill patients
  • Monitoring of status epilepticus (clinical and subclinical)