Ambulatory EEG has changed so much in recent years! Updated equipment allows for longer recordings without changing batteries, and systems now include video EEG. Technologists may visit the patient’s home for set-up, and their role has expanded with responsibility for initial review and editing for EEG interpretation. 

Is Ambulatory EEG the new standard in Post-Covid Era? The Saudi Epilepsy Society hosted a special webinar sponsored by Neurovation Solutions. The webinar took place on September 18, 2021 with guest speaker Professor. Roger O. Oghalkian. The webinar explored ambulatory EEG indications and the practical approach of ambulatory EEG. Professor. Oghlakian also covered the optimal utilization strategies of the advanced EEG technology and the impact of ambulatory EEG on the health care system. You can view a full recap of the webinar on: Youtube